New York Life Retirement Plan Services is now John Hancock

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  • New York Life Retirement Plan Services is now John Hancock
    Recently, New York Life Retirement Plan Services, the organization that provides recordkeeping and administration services to your retirement plan, merged into John Hancock Retirement Plan Services.
  • Building Blocks for Strong Teeth
    Learn about the building blocks for strong teeth!
  • Say 'Cheese'
    Did you know that there are more than 1,000 types of cheese? Packed with calcium and able to restore enamel, this dairy product is more than just a tasty topping — it can also offer a boost to your dental health. But before you stock up your fridge, make sure you know your cheeses. Not all types offer the same advantages.
  • Sweet About Chocolate
    Attention, sweet tooths! Eating chocolate may not be as bad for your teeth as commonly thought.
  • UnitedHealthcare March Newsletter
    March is Nutrition Month
    - Can Diet Play a Role in Cancer Prevention?
    - A Dozen Ways to Get More Fruits and Veggies
    - A Smart Diet for Healthy Eyes
    - Dr. Oz video: Digital Eye Strain
    - Source4Women: Food Labels 101
    - March Dare: This month's prize is a $400 gift card!
    - Monthly Health Tip
    - Monthly Recipe
  • Snack Smarter
    Offers a list of healthier snack alternatives for your teeth!

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