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Defined Contribution Plan Document


Section 4: Beneficiary.

If a Participant is married, his Beneficiary will be his spouse, unless his spouse has provided written and notarized consent to the designation of another beneficiary. If a Participant is not married, his Beneficiary will be the person designated by the Participant in a form satisfactory to the Trustees. If no Beneficiary has been designated by an unmarried Participant, or if a designated Beneficiary predeceases an unmarried Participant, payment will be made to the surviving person or persons in the first of the following classes of successive preference Beneficiaries in which a member survives the Participant.

  1. his children, including legally adopted children,
  2. his parents, and
  3. his brothers and sisters.

In determining such person or persons, the Trustees may rely upon an affidavit by a member of any of the classes of preference Beneficiaries. Payment based upon such affidavit shall be full acquittance of any benefit payable under the Plan and release of liability against the Board of Trustees unless, before the payment is made, the Trustees have received written notice of a valid claim by some other person. If two or more in a class persons become entitled to benefits as preference Beneficiaries, they shall share equally. If no preference beneficiaries survive the Participant, then the Participant's account shall be distributed to the Participant's estate in accordance with applicable state law.

Any death benefit payable to a minor under age 18 may be paid to the legally appointed guardian of the minor or, if there be no such guardian, to such adults as have, in the opinion of the Trustees, assumed the custody and principal support of said minor.