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Defined Contribution Plan Document


Section 5. Top Heavy Vesting.

Notwithstanding the vesting provisions provided elsewhere in the Plan, for any Top Heavy Plan Year, a terminated Participant shall have a vested interest in his Accrued Benefit based on at least the following minimum schedule:

Years of Service Nonforfeiture Percentage
2 20%
3 40
4 60
5 80
6 or more 100

If, in any subsequent Plan Year, the Plan ceases to be a Top Heavy Plan, the Board may elect to (1) continue to apply this vesting schedule in determining the Vested portion of any Participant's Accrued Retirement Income, or (2) revert to the vesting schedule in effect before this Plan became a Top Heavy Plan. Any such reversion shall be treated as a Plan amendment pursuant to the provisions of Article XI.

Section 6. Adjustment in Section 415 Limits for Top Heavy Plan Year.

In any Top Heavy Plan Year, the denominators of the defined benefit and defined contribution fractions as described in Internal Revenue Code Section 415(e) are computed by substituting the factor 1.0 for 1.25. For Limitation Years beginning on or after January 1, 2000, the 1.0 fraction limitation of Section 415(e) of the Internal Revenue Code and those provisions reflecting Section 416(h) of the Internal Revenue Code are hereby deleted from the Plan.