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Defined Contribution Plan Document


Section 6. 2009 RMDs

Notwithstanding Article XV of the Plan, a Participant or Beneficiary who would have been required to receive required minimum distributions for 2009 but for the enactment of section 401(a)(9)(H) of the Code ("2009 RMDs"), and who would have satisfied that requirement by receiving distributions that are 1) equal to the 2009 RMDs or (2) one or more payments in a series of substantially equal distributions (that include the 2009 RMDs) made at least annually and expected to last for the life (or life expectancy) of the participant, the joint lives (or joint life expectancy) of the participant and the participant's designated beneficiary, or for a period of at least 10 years ("Extended 2009 RMDs"), will receive those distributions for 2009 unless the participant or beneficiary chooses not to receive such distributions. Participants and beneficiaries described in the precedingsentence will be given the opportunity to elect to stop receiving the distributions described in the preceding sentence. In addition, notwithstanding Article IX, Section 16 of the Plan, and solely for purposes of applying the direct rollover provisions of the Plan, 2009 RMDs and Extended 2009 RMDs will be treated as eligible rollover distributions.