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Active Health Summary Plan Description
As of July 1, 2022
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This section modified by Amendment 3. View old language.

4.3 Hours Bank Reserve

Hours Worked in excess of 120 hours per month will be added to your Hours Bank Reserve. The maximum you can accumulate in your Hours Bank Reserve account is 720 hours. Your eligibility will continue as long as your reserve account contains at least 120 hours.

You will continue to maintain your Hours Bank Reserve for each month that you are eligible for coverage by working in Covered Employment, and/or continuation of eligibility from your Hours Bank Reserve, or continuation of eligibility by making a COBRA self-payment.

If your Hours Bank Reserve falls below 120 hours and you are not eligible for benefits for four (4) consecutive months your Hours Bank Reserve will be canceled. In no event, shall any month in which you receive California SDI benefits or workers’ compensation temporary disability benefits or any month in which delinquent Contributions, except for certain delinquent contributions, owed to your account and not previously credited to you are being pursued be included within the calculation of these four (4) consecutive months.