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Defined Contribution Plan Document


Section 5: Benefit Payments Generally.

Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary:

  1. If an Accumulated Share is payable which amounts to less than $5,000.00, then such Accumulated Share shall be paid, only in a single sum. Once an annuity or installment payments have commenced, however, no distribution may be made under this subsection (a).
  2. If a retired or terminated Participant is reemployed after his account has been distributed, and additional Contributions are paid on his behalf, he may, when he again retires, request distribution of his Individual Account Balance attributable to such additional Contributions, provided either:
    1. Twelve months have elapsed since his most recent hour of employment in the Electrical Construction Industry, or
    2. He has reached the later of his Normal Retirement Date and the first anniversary of the date his distribution was most recently made (in the case of a single sum payment) or commenced (in the case of installment or annuity payments).

The Participant may request that his Account Balance attributable to Additional Contributions be payable in any form available under Article V or VI, as applicable.